Python & Princeton

Today was a very exciting meeting indeed! We had a guest speaker from Princeton University come and share his knowledge about Python with the Techsters members! His name is Greg, he is a Senior at Princeton studying Computer Science.

Greg would like us to be able to work on practicing Python at home. To do this, he showed us a program downloaded on, so we could work on projects at home and really run with it! To start us off, our guest speaker showed us an app that he made with python, that could display a text from your phone, to a certain number, on a computer screen! This got us thinking about what we could really accomplish with this limitless language. He then transitioned us to some hands on, tinkering activities. He told us to access the command prompt on our computer. Once we had accessed this, he told us some “commands” to type in. These commands made the screen show us all of our computer’s information. The members that came today now know that if you delete anything from this screen, IT WILL BE DELETED FOREVER! Additionally, Greg shared other calculating “commands” with us. For instance, we wanted to make the computer figure out the area of a circle, with a radius of 3cm. In order to do this, we had to define the radius variable and pi, so the computer would know what its dealing with. Then, we’d plug in those variables into a formula!

The hour-long “Tinkering With Python” meeting/workshop gave Techsters members a basic  understanding about how to practice Python and what you can really achieve with it! Overall, it was an exciting meeting filled with questions, commands and coolness!


Greg’s Notes

Use Codecademy as a supplement to the program

Practice the calculating and accessing commands that we tried out in class today

Experiment with python! You can create JUST about anything with it


P.S. Homework will be added as a separate post! Make sure to check it!



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