Code Club Experience (UK) 04/07/2015

Today I took my first step into exploring the UK’s Tech industry. This morning, I was a member of the Code Club, a programme that endorses STEM to younger members, starting them early at the young age of 9! I was eager to learn how the UK and the U.S differed when it came to STEM education. This session taught me that compared to The U.S the UK starts children off earlier because not too long ago they started programming classes for primary school children. Additionally, today, at the Code Club we tinkered around with Scratch, which was very interactive for the members. We had a mentor giving us instructions, but at several points, we had to use our own minds to figure out what to do. No matter how many tutors you may get, you will always have to utilize your own problem solving skills and past knowledge to crack the coding mysteries you may encounter.

Additionally, the Code Club has other lesson plans where they incorporate languages like Python amongst others.

Finally, I learned that the UK is trying hard to make CS a big part of their curriculum, because they know what the future relies on… The STEM education for our youth, so they can better the up and coming generation with technology.
All in all, the Code Club was great for a first adventure and I am excited to continue my journey exploring STEM in the UK this Summer!



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