UK STEM Education Update (Summer 2015)

I have been in the United Kingdom for three weeks now and I have observed and understood several things to do with STEM here. However, the most prominent observation that I made was that: The United Kingdom is very open to assisting people of all ages with STEM.

There are so many non-profit organizations here that are for people from no skill level to people who are extremely advanced. They are all about sharing knowledge with one another. Teaching and learning with/from your peers. This is exactly what Techsters initiative was based on and I am super excited to be a part of this experience providing me with inspiration for the next Techsters season!

All I needed to do was search for STEM related things in the UK and several, very reliable associations/programs came up and offered  workshops (some of which were free), meetings, school visits and they were even ready to answer any questions through email/phone.

Additionally, like America the UK is paying close attention to the STEM Gender Gap and wants both boys and girls to be exposed to areas in the STEM and even the STEAM field.

I can conclude with my thought about the UK and its STEM education. The UK is very good at forward thinking and they don’t just know that STEM is the future of their society, but they are doing something about it and getting their youth involved. I’m excited to explore further and I will surely keep you posted:)


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