Museum of Science and Industry Visit (MakeFest2015) 8.08.15

 #MakeFest2015 at the #MuseumOfScienceAndIndustry aka #MOSI 
Legitimately everything that I could ever imagine having to do with technology, tinkering and getting involved with STEAM was here. 

Countless Hackspaces had their stalls set up with the mind blowing inventions that their team(s) had created. 

The sky was the limit when it came to showcasing projects. I saw things from robotic arms to Twitter controlled Mine Craft games that triggered a car to move! Then there was the amount of #RaspberryPis… It was a RASPBERRY PI PALOOZA! 

My favorite Ras Pi projects would of have to have been the drum set and piano keys that were activated via the Pi & a refurbished #Dalek that could be controlled using your keyboard, all thanks to the Raspberry Pi. Plus, there were some projects that used tools paired with the Ras Pi to create something. 

For instance, a projects consisted of three bowls of soup that played music when you dunked your hand into them… That was a bit messy. This projects used a #MiniArduino paired with the Pi. 

Hacking classic games such as #Wormy and #Squirrel was also possible when we utilized the Raspberry Pi’s OS and modified some Python to win the game! 
Plus, from this Festival I gathered that Wearables are the new It-thing! Accessories such as #CodeBug, #LedGarments and soldered masterpieces are quite popular in the tech world these days. Fashionable Technology is well underway to make itself onto the runway and into the publics’ wardrobes. 

However, #MOSI is preserving its historic aspects, and during MakeFest I got to see cloth making machines and understood that it all began from sheep wool. Nowadays printing on fabric is something that every body can do and I even got a taste for that. I was able to print my design on paper, iron it onto fabric and then see my finishing piece which was printed fabric! It was great to experience, but it also made me appreciate new technology so much more because back in the day they had to dye and design every inch of the fabric and now children can complete this task in a matter of minutes. 
“Play It Manchester” was an additional event going on during our visit to MOSI. It had things such as Oculus (Virtual Reality Gaming) and older games like PacMan that NEVER gets old. 
In brief, #MakeFest2015 was one of the best experiences I’ve had since it was a fun way to be exposed to new, old and upcoming ideas/technology. Once again, I am happy to see the same values at the MakeFest as in Techsters. Tinker, learn, share, close the Gender Gap in STEAM and encourage the STEAM field to our youth.  


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