World Maker Faire 2015 — NYSCI

The World Maker Faire 2015 had everything from a Robot Resurrection greeting you, to a Live Stream of the event!

The best moments of the event are captured in this great highlights slideshow:

And to keep up with the fast pace of social media, they also created a Snapchat for the New York Hall of Science:

Unknown         newyork-logo

From my experiences spanning across different communities (Ex: Hackathons, Cultural circles and volunteer based groups) any community coming together is always an experience that helps you grow. You teach, learn and explore for yourself. In a tech community, mistakes are welcome. They are used as a learning/reflecting point and there are always people who have been there before. This way, it makes it simple to feel good about yourself and your skills/knowldege. That’s why I admire any individual or organisation that hosts an event like the Maker Faire (maybe not to their extent) and keeps creativity as the forefront of the tech communities.

As I previously stated at the Code For Princeton Hackathon in June 2015: Advice on getting more kids involved at Hackathons? “Get involved in after school clubs having to do with tech. If there are none, start one!” In this case I also mean, look out for local events to attend but if you can’t find one, host one yourself! Be the next leader and keep the cycle going 🙂


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