Three Consecutive Raspberry Pi Workshops

From January 19th to February 2nd, we had the honour to work with Mr. John Lemasney! He is a graphic designer and also hosts free tutorials and classes about Arduino and Raspberry Pi, at the Princeton Public Library. I attended these sessions a couple times and I thoroughly enjoyed his way of engaging his audience and letting us experiment with our own ideas. Therefore, I invited him to join us for three sessions of Techsters, to share the experiences that I enjoyed and benefited from, with my friends at the club.

During these three sessions (find a more detailed explanation here) we covered what the Raspberry Pi is, what it is capable of doing and what to do when you get the box.

To go deeper into the topic about what the Pi can do, we checked out a project called Jasper. During this session we explored what Jasper is and what it would take to set it up.

Additionally, the Techsters team is super grateful for our school providing us with five CanaKits. We had the opportunity to dig into the packages, put things together and have lots of hands-on fun with them during our meetings. We are also very excited that these will be used for lessons in other tech classes, in the school! So many new creations underway 🙂

Mr. John Lemasney was also able to connect the mini-computer to our Epson projector that had a HDMI port. This is how we got to see the Raspberry Pi and its OS, Raspbian in action. We enjoyed playing around with cool programs like Minecraft and Scratch (Pi Edition).

Overall, the three sessions were thrilling and packed with laughs, questions, stories and a lot of learning, as a community!

Once again, thank you Mr. Lemasney for your efforts and we look forward to working with you again soon!

Here’s a great video to recap:



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