Two Tech Entrepreneurs

Today we met Mr. Savraj Singh, Founder of WattVision and Mr. Mark Hall, CEO at G8Way Health. We wanted to talk to people combining their tech dreams, making them into a reality and sharing them with others… so I connected with two amazing entrepreneurs who were willing to share their knowledge with us!

We began with Mr. Savraj Singh who introduced himself by telling us a bit about his background. Fun fact: He was the fastest typer at The Lawrenceville School. His story included being a Project Manager at Microsoft and deciding to move on. He told us about his first joint startup that was unsuccessful and that he wasn’t passionate about it because it wasn’t something that really connected to him. He then moved onto WattVision! A company that lets you monitor your energy usage with handy visualisations.

Furthuremore, we discussed marketing techniques that branched off our previous session with Mrs. Tynicka Battle. Mr. Savraj gave us helpful hints which encompassed of: Working closely with your customers and making changes to your service accordingly. Additionally, Mr. Savraj had questions for us to answer, which made us think about potential ideas such as: Problems that need to be solved with tech. One awesome answer was: Alternatives for solar panel charging. From this session, we gathered that we came up with ideas that correlated to what we’ve experienced and care about making better.

A final wrap up story from Mr. Savraj Singh was the story about the pottery class that was split up into two groups. We concluded with the tip: Continue to try new things and keep practicing something so that soon, your product will be perfect by default! 🙂

And if you don’t think that’s enough, here’s more: Mr. Mark Hall also generously joined us on March 8th! He dove straight in and caught the members attention with an engaging activity.

The team thought about companies that we looked up to and wrote a couple on the board. We decided that GoldieBlox and Healthcare were our top two contenders. Furthermore, we branched off of these companies and thought of new company ideas! The members went through the entire process, which comprised of: Naming the companies, describing them in detail and then splitting up the job into several small tasks assigned to roles. One key role that we all decided on was a developer, which would be important for almost every company to have (coding is the future). We even tied in some of the skills that were absorbed from Mr. Savraj’s presentation regarding ways to start up, by mentioning Kickstarter and Y Combinator!

Overall, it was a really informative and interactive session and we can’t thank our guest speakers enough! The second Techsters season is wrapping up so make sure to squeeze in all the fun during the next two sessions on March 15th and the 22nd!



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