CodeGirl Screening & Discussion At The Princeton Public Library

On March 18th, the Princeton Public Library screened a popular documentary named CodeGirl, at 6:30pm. The documentary was 1 hour and 30 minutes filled with inspiration, anticipation and lots of information! Throughout the screening, it took the audience through the process that high school girls experienced as they enrolled in the Technovation Challenge of 2015. From 444 teams, it boiled down to only 6 finalists who competed in California after 3 months of preparation. The challenge’s objective was to brainstorm an idea for an app, form a business plan and film a pitch video. Therefore giving the girls experience in computer science, entrepreneurship, collaboration, public speaking and so many more skills needed for the real-world. Furthermore, teams from Nigeria, India, Brasil and the US made it to the final competition! I won’t be a spoiler, but I will tell you that watching until the end is completely worthwhile!

After the documentary came to a close, representatives from Stuart Country Day School, Code For Princeton and Techsters, that I represented, were part of a panel. We were moderated by the Techsters advisor, Mrs. Violet Markmann, who posed frequently asked questions about Girls In STEAM. The question from an audience member that related to me the most was: How can you be less intimidated when entering this field if you’re not a coder? Since I was in this position a little while back, my answer was: Realizing that STEAM is such a vast field with so many things to try out.. So if you’re not a coder that’s fine! Expose yourself to as much as possible and don’t be afraid to ask questions, because even the most advanced people started out like us (and they’re super nice!)

It was an amazing experience being on the panel and I would like to thank the Princeton Public Library, the others on the panel and my advisor, for enhancing these wonderful opportunities!




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