The Last Meeting of The 2016 Season

On March 22nd, the 2016 Techsters season came to a close. However, our wrap up session was filled with fun, food and ideas for the future! We rounded everybody up to discuss their thoughts about the season. What did you like most? What interested you the least? How would you change it if you were running Techsters? We got an array of answers that got us all thinking about the next steps. The members seemed to enjoy these the most:

The members liked these things because the people they listened to were credible and an inspiration. Additionally, in these sessions they got to try things out for themselves and experiment with their own ideas.

Some feedback to help us improve included:

  • Add split guest-speaker meetings where the members who are interested in one of the experts, can listen to that individual. It would allow the members to swap around and fit more into the sessions.
  • Extend the season to more than eleven weeks, and possibly 1.5 hour meetings insetad of 60 minutes.
  • Immerse the members into specific coding languages with workshops
  • Find a (couple) problem(s) that the group wanted to solve and work up to that project with help from professionals along the way. This would include coding, marketing, etc; It would also require consistent and some at-home work

These are only some of the great ideas and thoughts that we discussed during our last meeting while chewing on pizza and brownies 🙂

Overall, I thank everybody, especially Mrs. Markmann (Techsters Advisor), Mr. Delgado (UMS Principal) and UMS for supporting Techsters throughout our journey. It has been SO much fun as we all explored all aspects STEAM and much more! I can’t wait to see what’s next and to work with you all. again!!

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