MAGIC Final Presentations

More Active Girls In Computing is a non for profit that pairs interested girls who are seriously considering STEM as their career path, with mentors who are professionals in the topic that most interests the mentee. Their goal is to give young girls like me, the tools and knowledge to be successful in what we’re passionate about.

During my program experience, I worked on one project with my mentor, Ms. Deepa Kalkunte who is a Technology Manager at Wells Fargo. She shared information about her position and taught me about engineering, databases, programming as well as current and innovative technological advancements.

At the end of the program’s season, all of the east-coast mentees and mentors came together at Harvard Business School to share what we worked on, what we gained and a demonstration of our piece. Here is a little bit about the projects that were presented:

Gayathri Nandyalam– A genetics analysis project that observes the likelihood of ADHD in a Tuscan region compared to a Nigerian region. Gayathri imported HapMap’s data and inserted it into two arrays: Ids and Genomes. She then prompted the python code to read the data and then imported graph visualisers to create both a bar and heat map. The heat map showed that in Nigerian region, ADHD is most prevalent.

Anvitha Veeragandham– Anvitha’s project’s goal was to teach users about the human body and brain with her app that she made with MIT App Inventor. She even incorporated quizzes that tested your knowledge about the information that was taught to you through the app. However, one challenge she faced was not being able to locate specific examples for MIT App Inventor’s block system. Despite the difficulties, she created a wonderful and fully-functioning application!

Sruthi Kurada– Her project was fun and complex. It was a game of battleship that had both single and multi player modes. Furthermore, the gaming interface would let us know about how many turns we had remaining and gave the option of playing again after notifying you about if you won or lost. She did this in python, with several if/else statements and by setting the number of turns the player decides to have, as a variable.

Iccha Singh– My project utilised both hardware and software. Hardware being a Raspberry Pi, two-channel relay, male to female jumper wires and LED strip. On the other hand, the software included an Apache web server, python code and php code. My project allows for me to pull up a php user interface on a browser using my Raspberry Pi’s IP Address and once I press the ‘Light On’ button, it links to my python code that turns the LED strip on. This code communicates with GPIO Pin 7 on the Pi, and either allows or blocks the current from passing through to activate/deactivate the strip. Now, I can turn on and off my lights with a click of a button, which demonstrates the Internet of Things!

Evidently, each mentee focused on different topics of interest. This shows how vast the STEM field really is, and how technology plays a part in everything!

As the world is advancing rapidly, the environment is deteriorating at the same pace. As millionaires get richer, the poor continue to earn less. As we eat luxuriously, 15.3 million children under 18 don’t have consistent access to nutritious food, in the United States. However, proven by prosthetics that are controlled via your thoughts and fusion power, technology can solve these problems. So, let us girls, with the creative, calibrated ideas, strong work-ethic, impeccable sense of style and big hearts, show the world what we can do to better the place we live, breathe and code in.

Thank you to the president of the board of directors of GetMagic Corporation Ms. Pramanick and my mentor, Ms. Deepa, for giving me the opportunity to delve into the Engineering and Technology aspects of STEM. This opportunity has motivated me to tinker, program, design and experiment further!



2 thoughts on “MAGIC Final Presentations

  1. Dear Iccha, it was a pleasure to have you in the MAGIC program this year, and I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the experience and learned about STEM topics of interest to you. Stay engaged in STEM!

  2. Being a part of the Techster’s family was an amazing experience. Just being surrounded by people that share the same interest as me: which is discovering the STEAM field, made me feel like I was part of something, something very important. Every week I would always look forward to Wednesday’s Techster’s club to experience new things. So thank you Iccha, Shreya, Arnav, Mrs. Markmann, and my fellow peers, in making this season a success.

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