Hack Millburn High School– A Major League Hacking Event

On Saturday, May 21st through until May 22nd Millburn Highschool hosted an overnight hackathon. It was Major League Hacking Event that had an amazing atmosphere! The opening ceremony kicked off the event with motivation and inspiration from keynote speaker Stephen Yang and his presentation about entrepreneurship and startups.

Then, we began with the overflow of insightful workshops. Some of my favourites that I attended throughout my stay included: Intro to Github, Intro to Java, Women Hackers Meetup and Entrepreneurship. They were great opportunities to network with people who have similar interests as you and to brainstorm ideas for future hackathon projects.

Another great privilege we were granted was renting nifty gadgets. For instance, we rented Amazon Echo, Leap Motion, Arduinos and others rented several other cool tech.

I came to the hackathon as part of a team of five boys. We all experience in common programming languages and were excited to pull an allnighter (which didn’t end up happening). We brainstormed Utinerary. A web app the utilises efficient services such as Yelp and Meetup along with your previous decisions to lead you to an interesting event near by. The special characteristic about our application is that it specifies to YOU, so YOU make the most out of your vacation to a foreign country or even your road trip to the city.

There were many breathtaking and complex projects being build around us, simultaneously. For instance, the man across from us was building a 3D printer from scratch. Another team from our school was building an ecology app and a team even made VR ski ball using the HTC Vive! Absolutely incredible and an experience that was totally worth two hours of sleep 🙂


One thought on “Hack Millburn High School– A Major League Hacking Event

  1. The Hackathon looks like it could be very inspirational and seems like lots of fun for poeple who are interested. I hope to see more interesting posts.

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