2nd Annual Code For Princeton Hackathon– 1st Place Experience

This is my 2nd Code For Princeton hackathon and I must say that I feel that I’ve come a long way since the first one in June 2015.

My intention this time around was very clear. I wanted to get more people of my age involved and exposed to the hackathon community and I was able to do this throughย Techsters.

Techsters is a student-driven technology club that exposes middle schoolers to the power and potential of technology with hands-on activities and interactive guest-speaker sessions. We are continuing the conversation on our Instagram (@techsters_ums), Twitter (@gotechsters) and Blog (www.thetechsters.wordpress.com).

We decided to undergo a project called “QuikStop” derived from the idea of kids missing their designated school buses by seconds. The app would allow a bus driver and a student to have instant and non-distracting contact with each other. Our team included: Venkat Cherukupalli, Shawn Krishnan, Samyuktha Chandresekar, Sara Arastu,ย Sanjana Jagadish Bharath, Mitali Chowdhury, Arnav Dashaputraย and myself.

From the previous hackathon, the team that I was part of was made up of different people from whom I’d worked with earlier. However, this time around, I wanted to make the ratio of girls much more than it was in the times before.

I consider myself as an ambassador for Girls In STEAM. This is why Techsters is a place that encourages girls to speak up and get involved as well as exposing them to other aspects of the STEAM field.

Winning first place for our team and I was a total surprise and a complete “YAY!” moment. I was especially pleased as Team Lead that the people I had invited to come for the first time had such a positive and encouraging experience and are now asking me when the next one will be!

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Ms. Claire. Without her foresight and commitment there would never have been a Code For Princeton brigade. She was really encouraging to a bunch of 7th graders getting involved in their first hackathon. Thank you again and wishing you all the best your move to California!

Lastly, I want to also thank Princeton Public Library. I love this library and how it’s always there to support the community and technical advances!


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