California Tech Tour

Summer ’16  has been packed with interesting things. As for August, I just returned from California. Despite the beautiful weather and palm trees, Cali is known for its indigenous tech-culture. During my trip, I was lucky enough to embark upon a full-on “Tech-Tour” including trips to Google, Facebook, InstagramApple, Databricks, Lyft, 500 Startups, FFL and StitchFix. Here are my takeaways from the campuses and culture.

First of all, Silicon Valley has truly upheld its reputation for being the “Tech-hub of the United States.” Most of the places that I visited were in the infamous Silicon Valley, so the general consensus is that everyone you meet there understands the power of technology and is working on using it to change what they’re passionate about, for the better.

We started our tour with revisiting Googleplex (1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043). Having been at Google when I was 5, it was great to see the T-Rex again! However, now being older I observed much more. In fact, there was much to notice in all the places I visited. From Oculus Rift demos, Girls In STEAM  promotions and out-of-this-world Swag, each aspect was inspirational, motivational and concentrated with so much new information opening up new opportunities for our digital world.

This is how Facebook describes their culture: “Facebook is defined by our hacker culture – an environment that rewards creative problem solving and rapid decision making. We encourage people to be bold. Our open culture keeps everyone informed and allows people to move around and solve the problems they care about most. We work in small teams and move fast to develop new products, constantly iterating and improving. The phrase ‘this journey is 1% finished’ is posted on our walls, reminding us that we’ve only begun to fulfill our mission to make the world more open and connected.”

However, this doesn’t only apply to Facebook or big tech companies. I see it in many places, large and small. Whether its a new startup incubator like FFL or 500, small business or big company like Apple… each is making a difference. By empowering innovation and collectively, improving our world/lives with new technology, their services or their movements.
To sum up and bring it back to the premise behind Techsters, we’re empowering members to get involved into the STEAM field at an earlier age because there is so much to improve, so many ways to do it and so many opportunities awaiting you!



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