Montgomery FunFest 2016 Ft. STEM Board

Last Sunday (September 25th) Montgomery, New Jersey hosted a community event. It was loads of food, music and fun including many booths represented by Montgomery High School club members.

As part of Montgomery High School’s STEM Board, Techsters showcased our very popular Unplugged Activity. We invited everyone from pre-schoolers to parents to try out the ‘Robot and Programmer’ activity. We used Speedstacks as our ‘unplugged material’ and had one person ‘program’ or give a specific set of instructions to the ‘robot’. Their goal was to create a tower of their choice and it was a BIG HIT!

This was my first experience working with the high school STEM Board and it was a great beginning to my Freshman year. I am excited to continue to explore my field of interest at my new school and represent Techsters here, too!


One thought on “Montgomery FunFest 2016 Ft. STEM Board

  1. Yes Techsters is really cool because all the teachers here are really nice and like to teach well

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