World Maker Faire 2016 At the New York Hall of Science

If you didn’t hear, the World Maker Faire 2016 was at the New York Hall of Science this year, and it was the!

Does anybody remember the Please Touch Museum, The Children’s Museum of Philadelphia? I remember that as a 6 year old, I would love to experiment with everything around me, make believe that I was something else and create oodles of fun and crazy stuff, and I went all out at the Please Touch Museum. To describe the World Maker Faire 2016 in a nutshell, it was the Please Touch Museum for any and all ages to go above and beyond and share, discover, tinker and discuss technology of all shapes and forms.

This was my first experience at a World Maker Faire event and I felt in my element! I loved the quirkiness and logic of the inventions and exhibitions as well as the hands-on and helpful vibe that every project possessed. There was so much to see that it was overwhelming at first, but there was definetly something for everybody.

The faire stressed a key point that is also emphasized at Techsters: STEAM isn’t only about coding or math, it’s about problem solving with technology to improve someone’s quality of life. It’s about improvement. It’s about innovation. It’s about achieving world peace with an app or making it easier for a senior citizen to be independent with a robot by their side. It’s an all inclusive field and everybody should test it out, no matter which way they decide to. Even if you’re into art or public speaking, their is a place for you in a community like: Code For Princeton, Coderdojo or Techsters. Anybody can learn and contribute, so don’t be intimidated!

My personal favorite part of the #WMF16 was the presentation “Nimble and Creative: A Place to Make in the Workplace” where a panel of 5 women discussed #FabricationLabs also know as #Fablabs. A maker-space where people at work can step out of their everyday duties and step into a facility where they can collaborate with others to do rapid prototyping, brainstorm with their hands and best of all, merge all of their skills to help others. You can check out their main website here: You can also see Northrop Grumman’s initiative which is Fab School Labs, an area that excited kids about STEM and provides them with the cutting-edge tech to make the most of their learning experience.   

Overall, the World Maker Faire 2016 was an event that got everyone there, and many who couldn’t make it inspired to join the #MakerMovement and try it out for themselves!


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