First Meeting of #Techsters2017

Happy New Year everybody!

We kicked off 2017 with a fresh season of Techsters! We had our first meeting just yesterday on January 11th, 2017 after school at the Montgomery Upper Middle School.

It was not only a great turn-out but fun #UnpluggedActivities got every middle-schooler in the room communicating, collaborating and subconsciously learning some of the fundamentals of programming!

Just as everybody finished signing in and handing in their permission slips the tone of the season was set: Fun and Hands-On. By going through the array of professional and interactive guest speaker sessions as well as the tinkering that everybody will be partaking in, the members are excited for the meeting to come.

Our #UnpluggedActivity was the “Orange Game”: This was where the group got into a circle and each person choses two blocks of the same color. The objective was to get both of their colored blocks by moving either counter clockwise or clockwise, but not diagonally. From this, the members learned about algorithms, which are procedures to do things like leading devices through solving problems & fulfilling commands.

Additionally, seeing girls at this session makes me hopeful that they will continue to come, bring their friends and use Techsters as their platform to breaking the STEAM gender stereotypes in their own way 🙂

Our next meeting is after school (3-4pm) on Wednesday, January 18th at UMS. Stay posted for details about this coming week! Bring a friend and try your hand at something new.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 6.10.15 PM.png


9 thoughts on “First Meeting of #Techsters2017

  1. Techsters is so fun. So far, all the activities were fun and interesting. The club is super cool and you should join.

  2. This club is very lit and awesome. I have been here a lot and it is a lot of fun. This club is a new experience.

  3. Techsters has taught us many lessons that have made me realize that this generation needs more empowerment for girls and the STEM field.

  4. In this techsters season , I liked being able to do unplugged activities. These activities have opened up my mind more. Also I was really amazed that we got to experience chatting with Women At NASA. From this season I have seen many people who have become successful in their lives, even though it took a lot of effort to get where they are right now.

  5. techsters was a great opportunity that introduced me to technical stuff and the art side of the s.t.e.a.m. field, and an activity i liked was talking to the cinematographer and attending the women at NASA event.

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