CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap– Screening and Panel Session

Today, the Princeton Public Library offered the community a wonderful opportunity to share our thoughts and experiences with likeminded, empowering women.

The documentary CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap is a must-watch! It not only describes the perceived STEAM Gender Gap issue, it provides statistics and fabulous ways to visualize them. It sheds light on real experiences that real 21st century women in the tech world are facing by their male counterparts. However, it also gives us hope by showcasing the inclusive and supportive programs that are getting more girls to break the out of the mold and try their hand at STEAM. Not only this, but us girls are bringing a fresh perspective to the table, adding diversity, and we’re getting things done!

This documentary really made me realize how much of an issue this continues to be. One quote that really captures the issue is “It’s hard to get women into a field that will underfund them and sexually harass them.”. Watch the trailer, and read more about it here:

Following the screening I had the opportunity to be part of a panel of 4 other empowering women. We discussed STEAM education, our experiences in the field, and our visions for the future.

These types of events always get me motivated to continue to get more girls to try something new, and get involved in the STEAM field. As I mentioned during the panel session, “‘Aha moments’ are not hard to achieve when working with tech, but can surely spark interest amongst anyone.”



4 thoughts on “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap– Screening and Panel Session

  1. My favorite session in techsters was the one with python and the cards because it was really fun and it was pretty cool. It taught us a lot about coding and secret codes.

  2. I think my favorite session was the unplugged activities. I liked this session because it was really creative on the card side while on the other side we were learning about coding on python.

  3. Techsters was the bet club I have ever had. It’s so fun to learn about tech even if it’s was not related to tech, it was still really fun. I wish this was a course that I would take during school because it is so fun! Techsters is LIT!

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