Techsters 2017 Season

The fourth season of Techsters was successfully completed on March 22nd, 2017. This season was filled with a wide variety of opportunities, guest speaker sessions, out-of-school events, hands-on activities, teamwork, leadership, and fun!

I created Techsters so people like me could have an nonjudgemental space where they could meet like-minded people, collaborate on STEAM projects, and make some friends along the way. I always liked hands-on activities that helped me learn on the spot, gathering experience and not just facts from a textbook. I also really enjoyed the thrill of listening to, and interacting with professionals in the STEAM field. This is the type of environment that I hope that I have achieved to provide to middle schoolers throughout the four seasons of Techsters.

From video chatting with women at NASA, coding on terminal, demystifying unplugged activities, to storyboarding our own movie… Techsters exposed our members to the many aspects of the broad STEAM field. Now, since they have explored this much at Techsters, the rising freshman can head up to high school with a narrowed set of STEAM interests!

I am also proud to mention that we had many girls speak up, lead, and get involved at Techsters which is very important. At Techsters, we encourage each other to tinker, ask questions, collaborate, and not be afraid to mess up (because everybody does– and it’s ok). We believe that Feminism is simply the belief that males and females are equal, not one gender overpowering the other. We are here to not just listen, but to DO… to experiment with tech and gain experience behind your belt!

Thanks to everybody who joined us and helped make the season run as smoothly as it did! Please don’t hesitate to check out what we did during our meetings, check out the Activities From Meetings Page, and join our Google+ Community to keep the conversation going!


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