First Meeting of Techsters 2018

Welcome to Techsters! Today was the first meeting of the 2018 Techsters season.

Our session today was all about Artificial Intelligence to preempt the professional guest speaker we will be having later on in the season.
We began by testing how intelligent paper was with an unplugged activity. Prove it, you ask? Sure! Play a game of “noughts and crosses” by giving one person the job of being the paper’s servant. Tell the paper’s servant to do follow the directions here and let their component do whatever they want. You’ll see that either the paper wins or you tie! Thank you for CS Unplugged for this awesome activity! The members understood that objects as simple as paper are intelligent (AI) and that intelligence is different than knowledge! Here is the example CS Unplugged used to explain this: “…knowledge isn’t the same as intelligence – and that they surely don’t just try to memorise things for exams but try to understand which isn’t the same”  
To wrap up, we played akinator. This game is a ‘chat bot’ which basically responds to almost any message that you type. We definitely recommend trying it out, its a super cool game to shock you and your friends.
Overall, with over 30 new faces today and a great amount of enthusiasm and passion for learning about STEAM, we are super excited for another great Techsters season with you all!

Remember to invite your friends to join you for our next meeting on Wednesday, January 17th, 2017 from 3-4pm in room C101, and don’t forget about your permission slips 🙂


2 thoughts on “First Meeting of Techsters 2018

  1. It was interesting to know that the whole thing is about technology. It is fun knowing the akinator website

  2. Techsters was a very fun club where we learned a lot about computers and we also got to use and program robots.

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