Here are some voices from our community of students and patents:

Ms P (a student’s parent): The club Techsters is a great idea. I feel that coding is a skill every child should have for the future because it is the future. It is a great idea to work alongside ones peers and to learn from each other, no matter which level anyone is at. Everyone learns and grows as a result. Great Job, Techsters. Keep it up!

Student 1: I really enjoyed the Techsters meetings! I went to one of them and I got to try out the Hour of Code! It was so fun because it was like a game, but it did require thinking. I am so glad that I got to have fun with my friends and I became more confident about being a coder.

 Student 2: I have gone to every meeting but 1, and I had a great time. Iccha introduced me to hackthons, and after learning about them, I went to the 2016 CITP hackathon, and had a blast! If you want to learn things about coding, as well as STEAM, this is the place to be. We went over the raspberry pi ( my favorite) as well as graphic design. We also met Claire Ralph and Mike Swift, some of f the big names in coding around Princeton. We Skyped with other people as well. Overall It was an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to join.

Student 3: At the Techtsers meetings, I learned many new things. We got to see many guest speakers. I learned coding languages a whole lot and it was awesome.

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4 thoughts on “Community

  1. Hallo~
    I’ve been to almost every Techsters meeting, and I wanted to say, it’s really fun, and completely worth it. We learned a lot of things, and I think you guys will like it.

  2. I really enjoyed how I learned so much more about the history of technology and learning about the raspberry pi.

  3. I found the main theme/goal of techsters , to introduce students to the steam field is very important. All the activities were fun and helped me learn about steam.

  4. I liked the fact that this was organized by highscooler and I had a lot of fun here because there are many fun things like the card game.

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